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Checkout some of the best features that Excel Password Decoder has.

Simple and Clean User Interface

With the simple and clean user interface you can start the recovery within few seconds of downloading the app.

Detailed statistics

While recovering you will get detailed statistics of the app.

Pause and Resume

You can pause and resume the recovery process any time

Dictionary Method of Recovery

You can use list of common passwords in a text file to recover the passoword.

Bruteforce Method of Recovery

Bruteforce is one of the most popular method of recovery.

Prefix and Suffix

Set prefix and suffix if you have any idea about them

Supports machine restart

You can restart your machine and sill continue the recovery process from the point where it was before the machine shutdown.

Supports all the latest version of Windows.

It can run on all the latest version of windows, namely windows 7, windows 8, windows vista

Excellent Customer Service

The support team tries to solve your isssue as fast as they can


Compare the different versions available.

Select Excel Password Decoder Edition Ultimate Professional Standard Basic
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Time Elapsed Report
Word count Report
Dictionary method of recovery
Bruteforce method of recovery
Prefix & Suffix
Auto Save recovery session at regular intervals
Pause & Resume recovery process
Pending Time Report
Pending Combination Report
Custom Characters for Bruteforce
Free Support Plan Included 1 year 3 Months
Free Upgrades 1 year 6 months 3 months 3 months
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Screenshots of the Excel Password Decoder at work

Initial Screen

This is the first screen you will see when you start

Recovery in Process

The app continously shows the progress during the during recovery process

Password Recovered

Alerts you with the password when it has been recovered